Past Speakers and Experts of the past years

  • Dr. Amina ALHAJRI
  • Turko DAUDOV
  • Dr. Salim M. ALMALIK
  • Mr. Ibrahim SHOUKRY
  • Veronica NIKISHINA
    Veronica NIKISHINA Russia
    JSC «Russian Export Centre»
  • SUKOSO Sukoso
    SUKOSO Sukoso
    Brawijaya University
  • Pinar Pehlivan
    Pinar Pehlivan Turkey
    Significant modest style Designer, entepreneur, influencer, organiser of more than 16 fashion shows, hijab style turor
  • Shamil Shovkhalov
    Shamil Shovkhalov
    Russian Islamic Finance Council, Siberian Federal University
  • BAKALCHUK Tatyana Vladimirovna
  • Mohammad Shaheed Khan
  • Evgenia Grigorievna KOTOVA
  • Dilyara Sadrieva
    Dilyara Sadrieva Russia
    International modest fashion expert and analyst, business turor, Regional Director Council of modest fashion Russia and the CIS, co-founder of ModestRussia, ex- in chief of Cover Magazine
  • Rajae El Mouhandiz
    Rajae El Mouhandiz Netherlands/Marocco
    Author and curator of the exhibition "Modest Fashion: An International Phenomenon in Art and Fashion" Interdisciplinary artist, producer, advisor to Cultuurnota Utrecht and the Cultural Council. In  Top- 500 most influential Muslims in the world in the field of culture and art. Founder of the Ellae Foundation
  • Anna Rykova
    Anna Rykova Russia
    Fashion editor, top stylist, curator of "Styling and Imagemaking" course at the British Higher School of Design. Ex Fashion editor in Cosmopolitan and Marie Clare magazines.
  • Olga Steinberg
    Olga Steinberg Russia
    Fashion analyst.  Managing director, Sees Group. Author of the Telegram channel and podcast  “Fashion Prokachka”.  Communications and fashion business expert.  Sustainable fashion "evangelist". Lecturer at BHSAD, Netology, HSE, Skill box.
  • Nikolai Largin
    Nikolai Largin
    ANO " Center of Digital Logistics Competencies"
  • Grigory Krutonog
    Grigory Krutonog
    International Association for logistics business
  • Yusuf Zamaliev
    Yusuf Zamaliev
    İP Yusuf Zamaliev
  • Elizaveta Strizhova
    Elizaveta Strizhova
  • Zafar Yunus Sareshwala
    Zafar Yunus Sareshwala
    Parsoli Group of Companies