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1. The originality of the idea of charitable projects - the uniqueness and novelty of charitable projects, a distinctive, unusual, innovative contribution to the development of charity*
2. Compliance with Halal standards in the organization and conduct of charity projects*
3. Assessment of the organization's quality in conducting charity projects*
4. Frequency of organization and implementation of charity projects*
5.The resulting effect of charitable activities, attracting public attention to a social problem*
6.Territorial coverage of the organization of charity projects – venues of events (within the city, region, country, outside the country)*
7. Popularity, recognition – frequency of mention in the media*
8. Leader, supervisor - demonstration of excellent leadership qualities in working with colleagues and subordinates*
9. Personal brand style - to what extent the nominee's visual image and positioning correspond to her field of activity, how the nominee creates and develops this image (up to 2000 characters)*
10. Essay up to 2000 characters "How do you organize your personal time?"*
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