Indonesia is interested in development of cooperation with Russia

Indonesia is interested in development of cooperation with Russia

Indonesia ranks 4th in terms of population in the world, it is 270 million people, the participants of the press conference held at the XIV International Forum "Russia – the Islamic World: KazanForum" reported. The head of the Economic Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in the Russian Federation, Adi Prianto noted that, compared with 2021, last year the export of natural rubber and fertilizers to Tatarstan increased by almost 30%. Investments are also growing.

"In particular, this applies to tourism and related areas: culture, education, real estate. The Government of the country pays great attention to the manufacturing industry. We are convinced that Russia's investments in Indonesia will amount to millions of US dollars," he said.

"KazanForum is an important connecting platform between Russia and Indonesia, our Muslim peoples and economies. Today Indonesia has outlined its position and expressed its opinion on the opportunities that the forum opens in Kazan," said Mikhail Kuritsyn, Chairman of the Business Council for Cooperation with Indonesia.

He added that Tatarstan is the largest buyer of rubber in one of the 38 provinces of Indonesia - Aceh. Russia, in turn, cannot do without palm oil, tea, cocoa coffee and spices from Indonesia. Russia also supplies ammonia and potash fertilizers.

"Russia is a major supplier of food products and grain. This is an important aspect of the food security of both countries," Kuritsyn assured.

"Today's event has enormous potential. We represent 25% of the world's population. This is a trigger for the development of Indonesia as a Muslim country. The potential market for us is large, and Russia is one of the largest Eurasian markets interesting for Indonesia. And when we talk about Eurasia, we are talking mainly about Russia. Cooperation between our regions is the basis of cooperation between Muslim peoples," said Berlian Helmi, Deputy Ambassador of Indonesia to the Russian Federation.

Chairman of the Advisory Council under the Government of the Aceh Province of the Republic of Indonesia Malik Mahmoud Al-Haithar drew a parallel between his native region and Tatarstan. "The atmosphere in Russia is amazing. We can well talk about further development prospects," he concluded. Representatives of Indonesia expressed confidence in the need to develop cooperation in the fields of economy, business, investment, as well as social, cultural and tourist ties.