Expert Council meeting for the selection of startups in the SEZ Innopolis

Expert Council meeting for the selection of startups in the SEZ Innopolis

Organizer: SEZ Innopolis

Venue: the city of Kazan, IEC KAZAN EXPO, Hall 12

Time: 19.05.2023, 13:00 – 16:00

Moderator: Andrey Chelnokov, host of the event.


Renat Khalimov, General Director of SEZ Innopolis, AO;

Ruslan Shagaleev, the city of Innopolis Mayor;

Kirill Semenikhin, Director of University of Innopolis, ANO VO

Alexey Katkov, managing partner of Sistema, AFK;

Dilshod Zufarov, Chairman of the Board of the Uzbekistan Venture Investment Association;

Adel Gilaziyev, Deputy Director of the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan;

Lyubov Simonova, Director of the Technology Development Project Office at Rostelecom, PAO;

Renata George, Managing Partner of IZBA Venture Platform;

Efe Tokgoz, Business Development Manager at Coşkunöz Holding;

Andrey Selitsky, Head of venture practice, partner of DV-group;

Vyacheslav Turpanov, Founder of the Razvedka, startup and investor community;

Aidar Bulatov, Founder of Entrepreneurship Factory, the Business Support and Development Fund;

Zhamilya Kameneva, Marketing Director, Axenix;

Alexey Taranov, Head of Startup Hub IT-Park;

Irina Matskevich, CEO of the Eurasian Innovation Center;

Stanislav Nefedov, General Director of Sber Resheniya, LLC;

Evgeny Khokhlunov, Deputy Director for Yandex National Strategic Projects, Yandex Cloud;

Nikolai Pozhidaev, President of Sitronics Group;

Ilya Belobragin, Founder of TempusOpus AB.


12 startups were submitted for consideration of the Expert Council:

Islam Akhmetshin, CASHBACKFORCE, LLC

LOVICASHBACK is a virtual bank card with a loyalty program. When paying with this card, you can get cashback up to 30% of the purchase price from partners.

Alexander Minakov, CLOUD PLUS, LLC

Cloud+ is a new generation of cloud storage based on the S3 protocol. It is 10 times more reliable than modern solutions, as it minimizes the threat of data leakage, 10 times cheaper, although 10% slower.

Elena Mayer, Sintez, LLC

UpT - training to play golf through a mobile application. The process of the client's game is recorded using a mobile phone camera, and then the coach, Artificial Intelligence or a live coach, points out mistakes and gives recommendations.

Stanislav Rozhdestvensky, OTO, LLC

OTO Hotels are IT platforms for automating hotel operation processes: starting from searching, booking, transfer from the airport, making orders and services to the room, calculating the cost of living and rendered services, and ending with payment.

Radik Zaripov, Yantar-IT, LLC

I’M-A- CASHIER is an intelligent trade automation system for retail stores.

Bulat Garaev, Metrik, LLC

Metrick is an online platform, using a computer vision for determining the cast of the eye direction at a photo or video, and thus making it possible to analyze the advertising content.

Anastasia Mayorova, LearnMore, LLC

LearnMore is an AI-powered personalized distance training platform with a 97% pass rate of the courses. AI plays the role of a tutor who identifies personal problems in the client's training and issues individual recommendations.

Ramil Zinnurov, Forward, LLC

Forward is a multi-service digital platform for housing and communal services which enables to connect utility providers, management companies and residents. Using the platform, you can keep records of the delivered services for each consumer; as well as make charges and settlements, etc.

Maxim Lepilin, Glazar, LLC

Glazar-Marin is a digital platform for quality control of construction process. A 3D model of a building or a sea vessel project under construction is loaded into the platform. The already constructed object or its individual elements are loaded into the platform with the help of the smartphone camera. The program identifies deviations from the project.

Vladislav Tkachuk, Vilka Rest, LLC

Vilka is a digital platform for restaurants. It is a digital waiter. Here you can find a restaurant, look through the menu, book a table, make an order and effect payment. Any restaurant can make its own mobile application basing on this platform.

Anastasia Vasenina, Online Guide, LLC

On-Line Audioguide is a digital platform for museums where a content is generated with video and audio guidance of museum expositions. The built-in CRM system enables to attract customers to subsequent museum events.

Haytham Hamed Ali Elanver Hamed, TEVALERN, LLC

TEVALEARN is a digital training platform for people with disabilities. For example, teaching the blind or deaf people to write and type.

The experts voted to approve all 12 projects, noting the extremely high level and quality of project preparation. Each startup will receive the status of the SEZ Innopolis startup, and will be able to enjoy its support.