Modest Fashion Day at international economic summit “RUSSIA-ISLAMIC WORLD: KAZAN SUMMIT”

Modest Fashion Day at international economic summit “RUSSIA-ISLAMIC WORLD: KAZAN SUMMIT”


International Economic Summit “RUSSIA-ISLAMIC WORLD: KAZAN SUMMIT” is organizing Modest Fashion Day as part of the annual summit in Kazan- the capital the capital of Republic of Tatarstan organized by Tatarstan Investment Development Agency. From May 19 - 20, there will be 12 designers from 4 countries showcasing their latest modest fashion collections and two business talks featuring the experts of fashion.

International Economic Summit “RUSSIA-ISLAMIC WORLD: KAZAN SUMMIT” is an international economic summit to encourage cooperation between Russia and the Islamic world. This year- The 13th International Economic Summit: Russia-Islamic World: Kazan Summit 2022 will be held for 3 days from May 19-21. The event will discuss economy, a socioeconomic system built around the sharing of resources, the halal industry, Islamic finance, youth diplomacy, export development, entrepreneurship and investments. Modest fashion has its own highlight in the special segment titled Modest Fashion Day.

Modest Fashion Day in the summit is one of the main platforms to showcase the rich potentials of the modest fashion industry in Russia and in its neighboring countries.

This year, the event is being held in Pyramida, one of the most prestigious venues in the city, on 19 May in Kazan-Tatarstan. With the theme of Aesthetic of Modern Modesty; there will be brands and designers from Russia, Tatarstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Indonesia highlighting modest fashion diversity ranging from ready to wear, sportswear to evening wear. The brands are Buro Banu, INSHELLÍNE, Kuzma by Natalia Kuzmenko, Restu Pratiwi (Indonesia), Li Scarf (Indonesia), Sultan Saliev, Anaras (Indonesia), Asheri, Al Shiira and Bloombia. With the headliners: AKHMADULLINA, one of the top mainstream high end Russian designers and Azukar Moreno (Uzbekistan/Spain) that is known as one of the best designers in Central Asia.

Russia, the country of 25 million Muslim people, has deep roots in modesty for all nationalities of Russia. A very multi-cultured and multi-religions country. When it comes to Islam- the nations living in the territory of Russia have been practicing Islam for more than 1,400 years. During the event on the 20 th of May there will be also a celebration of 1100 years of adoption of Islam by The Great Volga Bulgary (the native land of the modern tatars).

“Modest Fashion is something more than just clothes for Muslim women. It is no longer attached to religion. Modesty is a timeless fashion”, - Taliya Minullina, Chief Executive, Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, Member of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Dilyara Sadrieva, co-founder of ModestRussia & Regional Director of Council of Modest Fashion Russia & CIS - explains about dynamic of modest fashion in Russia.

“Mainly Muslims historically live in Moscow, Tatarstan, The Urals, The Caucasus and all over Russia. And by all means it had a great impact on both the traditional national dress of the peoples, as well as the images of The Russian Modest Fashion market is heterogeneous. Modest fashion market in CIS countries has huge potential but not well recognized and underestimated in the world arena sometimes because of not having enough information about it. Many brands and designers successfully participate and present brilliant collections at international modest fashion events and sell locally and have customers worldwide”

Alena Akhmadullina, designer, founder of the brand AKHMADULLINA talks about their fashion show in Modest Fashion Day,"We will present the AKHMADULLINA Middle East collection at Modest Fashion Day this time, it is created, based on the preferences of our customers who focused on modest fashion. This is one of the most interesting fashion trends for me, the development of which I’m watch ingrained with great interest. For two years now, I have been creating special collections that interpret the AKHMADULLINA style through key techniques characteristic of the "modest fashion" style.

The event is held in collaboration with Council of Modest Fashion, #Markamarie and ModestRussia. Modest Fashion Day is hoped to be bridge of modest fashion in Russia and the world through collaborations.

“Modest fashion industry in the world is very dynamic. Every country, every region has their own uniqueness and challenges. Modest Fashion is rooted heavily in culture, that is why the diversity of style is very prominent from one country to another. We support talents of modest fashion around the world, they need to be connected better to reach wider audience,” told Franka Soeria, Global Head of Council of Modest Fashion & Co-founder of #Markamarie.

Beside fashion shows, there will also be business talks on May 20 featuring experts of various field. Dilyara Sadrieva along with Rajae El Mouhandiz (Netherlands/Morocco/Algeria), Kamola Rustamova (Uzbekistan & Spain), Pinar Pehlivan (Turkey) and speakers from Russia; Anna Rykova, Ivan Fedorov, Olga Steinberg and Svetlana Alekseeva will discuss about Modest Fashion as Instrument of Intercultural Communication. Other talk is led by Franka Soeria discussing about The Business of Modesty with Tika Mulya (Indonesia), Muhammed Bukhary (Turkey), Musfira S Sulaiman (UAE) and Sabina Khamid, Amina Gyaurgieva and Dilyara Fatkullina from Russia.

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