Rosaccreditation and the GAC (Persian Gulf Countries) Accreditation Center signed an agreement on joint accreditation of Halal certification bodies

Rosaccreditation and the GAC (Persian Gulf Countries) Accreditation Center signed an agreement on joint accreditation of Halal certification bodies

On April 5, the head of the Federal Accreditation Service, Nazari Skrypnik, and the Director General of the Center for Accreditation (GAC) of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf (GCC), Moteb Al Mezani, signed an annex on cooperation in the field of accreditation to the Memorandum of Understanding between the GAC and Rosaccreditation via videoconference.

The document is aimed at building a joint assessment procedure for Halal certification bodies, which will facilitate the recognition of conformity assessment documents in the Persian Gulf countries, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Joint assessments with the GAC will allow not only to exchange practical experience in the accreditation of Halal certification bodies, but also to enhance the competence of experts of the national accreditation system in this area. For Russian exporters of halal products, the cooperation of accreditation bodies will reduce financial costs and significantly expand export opportunities, simplify the output of products to the markets of the Persian Gulf countries.

Nazari Skrypnik noted that Russia is a multi-confessional state with more than 20 million Muslims living in it. Rosaccreditation intends to develop a national accreditation system in the field of conformity assessment of Halal products and to ensure confidence in Russian Halal products and services both in the domestic market and abroad. The Head of the Service expressed readiness to continue and strengthen cooperation, including launching a joint accreditation scheme for Halal certification bodies this year.

Moteb Al Mezani noted that GAC, as the largest accreditation center in the region and a pioneer in the field of Halal accreditation in the Muslim world, has currently accredited about 60 Halal certification bodies around the world, some of them are located in Russia. "We see the importance of cooperation between Russia and the Gulf states in the field of Halal certification. Our cooperation will contribute to the development of exports of Russian products," said the director of GCC.

During the dialogue, Nazari Skrypnik invited Moteb Al Mezani to take part in The XIV International Economic Forum "Russia — the Islamic World: KazanForum", which will be held in May this year in Kazan. The Director of the Accreditation Center (GAC) expressed his readiness to come and hold a number of meetings with representatives of the Federal Accreditation Service on cooperation issues at the Forum site, continue the dialogue and launch a partner exchange of experience.